Sunday, May 16, 2010

a tad more than six words...

I know, it's sunday. But I don't think I'm doing a six word photo tonight.  Will hopefully get back into regularly scheduled bloggings once things settle down for a bit.  Which will hopefully be soon... sometime.  (or at least for a few months before we become a family of 4 and all hell breaks loose)

Yesterday's trip to Sacramento went quite well. Donovan did awesome with aunt Jen all day (though he did save 2 exceptionally messy poops for her to contend with, that little stinker).  We managed to look at 3 different houses, and drive by 3 more that aren't yet available to see inside.  We really loved one of the ones we toured yesterday, its location is decent and the house has quite a bit of charm... however I'm not sure it's quite right (two big strikes are no central AC-- does have window units-- and while it has 4 bedrooms, 2 are upstairs and 2 are downstairs, which makes things awkward in trying to figure out who sleeps where).

This coming week (hopefully tomorrow or tuesday, even) Zach will get to tour 2 of the houses we drove past.  One of them could be perfect (location is ideal, price is great, has all the on-paper amenities we want), I'm just a tad bit worried about what the inside will look like, especially since the rent is relatively cheap.  I'm crossing my fingers, though.  There are other options, and ones that would be really wonderful to live in, but would also be pricier and a tighter squeeze on the budget.  Which is a whole dilemma in itself-- all these years we've lived in somewhat dumpy places in order to save on rent (the only exception being Geneva, and that was only b/c work wouldn't let us use the housing allowance money on anything else so we went with the expensive farmhouse).  At what point do you decide it's worth it to pay more for a place you know you'll love?  I'm not sure.

We're still going back and forth on whether it'll make sense to buy, either sooner (few months) or later (year+).  My guess is that's a conversation we'll have many, many, many times over in the coming months. It was encouraging to see an open house for a house that looked like it would have been pretty much perfect and was beautiful, listed at just about the top end of our price range.  But, I still have qualms about putting all our available savings into a house, in a market that may or may not appreciate in price over the coming 3-4 years, while working for a start-up that could go potentially go golden, or easily go bust.

One thing you can be sure of-- if you thought Zach spends a crapload of time on (oh, and he does), you'd better believe he'll be even more obsessed now. ; )

Ramble, ramble, ramble... where was I?  Oh, yes. So tomorrow is Zach's FIRST DAY AT WORK!  This is fairly exciting.  I'll probably be on pins and needles all day waiting for a call from him to tell me either these guys seem to really know their sh!t, or that no one knows what they're doing.  Aaaah, the magic of start-ups!  He left right before D's bedtime to drive to Sac, where he'll reside in a hotel till Friday night.  This will likely be our routine for the next 2 weeks, and then we'll hopefully move into our next abode sometime around June 1st.

At least, that is the plan.  It's about as certain as if it were written in pencil on a cocktail napkin.


  1. I'm kinda jealous. I hate moving, but I do like the idea of discovering a new home. The possibilities seem endless.

    Good luck on all the house hunting, and tell DH good luck on his job!

  2. Good luck with the house hunting & the new job!

  3. exciting!
    re the bedrooms, would you consider having the kidd-os share a room for a few years? then they could also share a dedicated playroom in the other bedroom

  4. TFM-- It is exciting, I just wish we could look in a more relaxed way... so much pressure to find something NOW.

    Sara-- I have no problem with kids sharing a room, but seems like it'd be really tricky when the youngest is <1yr (or even 2, depending on how the kids get along and sleep). What's more likely is we'd keep the baby in our room with us, and D will get his own room. Part of it with that house is that the upstairs has 2 rooms and only a half-bath, if it had at least a shower it would feel more balanced/doable.

  5. that is quite strange to have no shower up there!
    well it sounds like there are some other good options as well, im sure you guys will find something good!!

  6. Congrats! Super exciting (and I know stressful) about the new baby and new job!

    I just switched to a midwife practice here in Baltimore that accepts insurance and covers all standard OB/GYN care (so no need for an OB, even for well-woman exams). Hope you have good luck finding someone you like (and takes insurance)!



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