Saturday, May 01, 2010

in-laws in town

The in-laws were in town visiting the past week.  They first arrived in San Francisco and spent last weekend there with Andrew. On Sunday Zach took D with him to meet up with them and stay overnight in SF.  This was the first time that Zach had ever taken D overnight, by himself, leaving me at home.  It was grand.  I sat on my butt and watched Sex and the City all night.  D in turn appears to have had just about the Best Day Ever in SF, getting to ride in a cable car AND visit the cable car museum, along with a super cool pet store in Chinatown and even ride in a taxi (he's mildly obsessed with taxis).

Monday they all came down this way, and so the past week D has been in Grandparent Heaven.  It's been fun, if a bit exhausting, and as much as we (and especially Donovan) love the visits it's also nice to get back to our quiet routine.  Well, for a moment, at least... life still feels pretty crazy and hectic right now.  At least the stress of the job search & decisions will soon be done and over with (to be replaced by the stress of moving, of course).  Zach makes his official decision & notifications on Monday, so I'll wait till then to make official announcements.

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