Friday, May 14, 2010

Because I thought we could all use a pretty picture

Today I edited and uploaded pictures for the first time in what feels like a while. My (also pregnant) big sister, Criss, mentioned recently how she feels like she has no creative energy left for writing right now, like it's all going to her uterus and creating a human being.  I think I'm feeling the same thing.  I just don't have the energy to bother with taking or editing pictures.  Which is ok, I can take a short break... I'm sure, if nothing else, that by the time I have an adorable and scrumptious newborn baby model once again I'll be taking lots more (though then we'll see how I find the time to process them). ; )

Tomorrow Zach and I are driving to Sacramento once again to look at 4 houses, and drive by a couple others to see if they're worth having Zach take a look at them next week (not available for viewing tomorrow).  I'm hoping one of them can meet our needs and we can plan this move already.  Keeping fingers crossed...

Donovan will be entertained by wonderful friends and my younger sister, Jen, all day tomorrow, making our day so much simpler.  I am so grateful for their help... and that we're remaining close enough to have it available (as opposed to needing to do this halfway across the country without anyone to help out).


  1. Ah yes, once you have a newborn (in addition to a toddler) you will have so much more energy to take photos.

    Stop! You are making me laugh!

  2. Lovely shot!!! Thinking of you guys today on your house hunting adventures.



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