Monday, November 09, 2009


Zach left this morning for a conference in LA, will be back tomorrow night-- at midnight.  Which means I'm solo parenting it for 2 days.  Tonight wasn't too bad, hopefully tomorrow will be the same.  We met up with Debbie and lil Maddie at the park this afternoon.  It was fun to catch up, especially since we actually were able to semi sort of hold a conversation, even if I did have to cajole D into staying inside the playground gate every 10 minutes ("Hey D, where are your trucks?  Trucks!  Go find your trucks! They're WAY cooler than going exploring the whole rest of the park! Please?").

I received an Etsy package today, always very exciting.  Last week I purchased a set of 10 cloth dinner napkins, and three cloth snack bags, from Evelyn Fields. I'm hoping to make a transition to using mostly/all cloth instead of paper napkins and paper towels.  We'll see how it goes, as Zach's not terribly supportive.  But I think I just need to figure out a good system for storing the dirty towels and then wash them all together on hot at the end of the week and hopefully he then can't complain about it.  ; )  I'm curious to see how the snack bags go, they seem a great replacement for ziploc baggies and are beyond adorable.

Last night I snuck off to a local write-in for NaNoWriMo, and over those 2.5 hours I wrote 4,500 words.  I've got a 2-3 day lead right now, which is nice.  Which is why I'm allowing myself to write this post before getting my daily NaNo writing done.  I think my main goal for tonight will be to plot out what I want to happen in the rest of the novel-- I've been literally making it up as I go so far which is ok, but I think I could benefit from having a bit more forethought into the scenes I want to write.

Also, I'm starting to gather as much info as I can about potty training (or "toilet learning" as I guess the term is these days).  D turns two in February, and I think it's about time to get a bit more serious about it.  Part of me wants to just go for it some weekend coming up, but since we'll be going to Texas for 2 weeks in December (for Christmas) it would probably be best to wait till the new year when we won't have any trips or other upheavals planned for a while. But, I would love to hear your stories/experiences/advice about potty training, either by leaving a comment or emailing me at mightymarce at gmail dot com.


  1. Found you through @bayareababyblog. So glad I did.
    Can't wait to hear about the cloth snack bags. we use all cloth dinner napkins and they are no big deal. Just toss them in the wash.
    Congrats on attempting NaNoWriMo. I couldn't do it. Maybe next year.
    Finally- comment on potty training. My son SC is almost2 and almost done (we started early) so this advice may be useful for later. Have them go naked below the waist for when they know how to use the potty but they might not want to go to it (he knows not to pee on floor) and then soft pants no diaper, no underwear to break them of the habit of peeing in the diaper. He knows he can pee in the diaper even though he uses potty 80% of time. Good luck. Keep writing. I'll keep reading.

  2. i am so curious to hear about how those snack bags work out! i'd love to stop using ziploc bags for dry snacks, maybe even cut fruit like apples. please post an update! :)

  3. He knows he can pee in the diaper even though he uses potty 80% of time. Good luck. Keep writing Work from home India

  4. Jeff and I rarely use paper towels. As surginmomsc said, just throw the cloth napkins in the wash. We keep ours folded in a drawer in the kitchen. We also keeps a stack of 'rags' (older wash cloths) that we use to wash mirrors, counters, other misc messes, etc. They last soooo much better than paper towels and can be washed in essentially in type of laundry (colors, whites, etc).

    Has D shown any interest in the bathroom? Does he like to flush the toilet, etc? One of the best tips I heard to teach boys to aim is to put cherrios or fruit loops in the toilet and have them do target practice. Then it's a fun game.



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