Monday, November 16, 2009

A Day In France (sort of)

Saturday morning we headed over to a French Festival Zach had heard about.  It turned out to be mainly a big room full of people selling their French-themed homemade crafts, though they also had a crepes stand outside, a French story hour for the young kiddoes (hosted by Les Petits Livres, a netflix-like way to borrow French kid's books, absolutely brilliant if you ask me), and a dance recital.  In which they had a bunch of young girls dance the can can.  Not sure that was *entirely* appropriate, but oh well.  

The best part of it all was that apparently the entire local French community came out for this event, so we were hearing French spoken everywhere.  I swear 75% of those in attendance were French-speaking.  It's been over a year since we've been surrounded by that much French, and I must say it made me very homesick for Switzerland (can you be homesick for a place that wasn't really "home" to begin with? But you get what I mean).  

I saw tons of adorable crafts for sale, but the only thing we bought were some cards and a sampler set of macarons parisiennes from the Fleur de Cocoa stand.  I ate them all in one sitting yesterday, and let me tell you they were INCREDIBLE.  I'm honestly trying to remember if I ever had macarons that good while in Europe, which says something.  I think we'll have to make our way over to Los Gatos sometime to indulge in some more of their deliciousness.


  1. CDNSarah7:18 AM

    Ohhhhhh, you've never had Laduree macarons in this case have you? ;-)


    Also, I hope they didn't really spell it "Macarons Parisiennes" when it's "un" macaron et non pas "une"....mais bon... :-)

  2. Sarah- see, I'm pretty sure I did, and maybe I just got a bad batch or don't remember accurately because I swear these were better, which seems crazy.

    BTW I never claimed to speak French very well anyway... ; )

  3. J'aime l'idée du Petits Livres !

    (Which I'm sure has grammar mistakes as well, but that's why I need to lire plus livres en français... Donc, desolée, Sarah...)



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