Monday, November 02, 2009


So this morning D and I went to the park, and while there I saw a woman whom I vaguely recognized, but knew I must know since she recognized D immediately.  She asked how old he is now, then followed up with, "Are you pregnant again?"

Um, no.

Then this afternoon the Brazilian family from down the street came by (the daughter, her brother, and the grandmother).  The grandmother was talking with me and mentioned (as she has a few other times) how skinny I am.  And she doesn't say anything negative about it, but I get the sense she doesn't mean it as a compliment.  (particularly since she then followed it up a few minutes later by mentioning how much she likes Zach's mom partially because she is on the heavy side).

So I apparently look like a too-skinny pregnant woman today.  Go figure.

In other news, D continues to be a sleep-less grumpy puss.  I realized today that it's been a good 2 and a half weeks since he got this chest cold or whatever the hell it is, and perhaps we should get him checked out.  He's had a couple days of runny nose, but most days he seems fine... except for this random, on/off coughing that sounds like he has some major congestion down in his chest.  And the fact that his sleep has gone to pot due to the combination of cough and nasal congestion that comes on overnight.  (No fever at any point, though).

It started a few days before we left for Texas.  We were in Texas for about 10 days, and I think he slept through the night only 3 of those nights-- the others he'd wake up at least once overnight, congested and upset, demanding Mommy and no one else.  It's gotten slightly better since we got back, but he's still getting up a lot and taking a while to get back to sleep sometimes (last night I spent over 1.5hrs laying next to him in his bed waiting for him to fall back asleep... if I tried getting up he just screamed).  His mattress is elevated, we have a humidifier going in his room all night long...  and yeah.  It kinda sucks.  It means neither of us three are sleeping properly, making us all crankier and grumpier than is helpful for dealing with anything else.

So tomorrow we'll go see his pediatrician and I guess she'll check to make sure there's nothing else wrong with him, and unfortunately probably not have much else to offer and so I'm crossing my fingers that it all goes away on its own soon.  I just realized he may just have seasonal allergies, in which case just shoot me now.

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  1. *Hugs* to you and D. I'm still coughing and stuffed up, if that helps you feel better. No? Well, I tried.

    Give him more candy, that'll help him sleep. :P Or at least make him less-grumpy during the time it takes to eat his Nerds and M&Ms.

    Re: too-skinny pregnant woman: body image is in the eye of the beholder? (Just goes to show you how different people's views and perspectives are...)



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