Monday, August 03, 2009


So last week we joined the local YMCA. A big motivating factor was that they have both an indoor and outdoor swimming pool. I like D's swim classes, but don't think I want to keep shelling out money to do it year-round. However I also don't want him to lose his comfort with the water. We've been practicing a lot of the same skills in class the past several months, so should be easy enough to keep doing the same, and maybe next summer we'll pay for a session again to refresh and see what else to work on. In addition, they also have a mommy-and-me class that sounds a lot like how Gymboree works, which I'd planned to quit anyway (he's moved up to the next age level and the class times are no longer very convenient). And Zach might even be able to sneak off to play basketball there from time to time.

Another big motivator is the included child care. They'll take kids for up to 90 minutes for free, as long as one parent stays at the Y. Believe me, it has most definitely crossed my mind to drop D off and then go read by the pool. I do hope to also get a bit of a work-out routine in as well (it'd be nice to build up some muscle) but even if I don't it seems like it'll be easy to get our money's worth from the pool and child care aspects alone. ; )

So D and I went today for the first time, a sort of "fact-finding mission" if you will. I wanted to see how he'd do at the child care room (ok, cried a little but seemed appeased by the vast number of car toys available), get my picture taken for my member card, check out the locker room and shower facilities, etc. I'm aiming to go again on Wednesday and try to actually get a work-out in while D plays. We'll see how it goes.

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  1. Very cool. That's what I do up here and it sounds like the same type of gig although it's Cali vs. Victoria.



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