Wednesday, August 19, 2009

picnic, etc

Yesterday my friend Pat came over and the 3 of us (Pat, Donovan, and I) went on a little picnic. The school in our neighborhood hasn't started back up yet, so we went to one of the smaller playgrounds within the schoolyard knowing it'd be calmer than the park down the street. There was a tree providing just enough shade over the grass next to the perfectly-Donovan-sized play structure. We laid down a blanket, spread out our selections of cheese, foccacia bread, grapes, peaches and sprakling pink lemonade. It was fabulous. =) Donovan, of course, only spent about 2 minutes playing on the play structure. The rest of the time he was begging food off us, drinking my lemonade, and playing with his stroller. ; )

I finished the 7th Harry Potter book last night. It felt almost painful to read the first half, as things kept seeming more and more bleak... then it started getting really good in the second half, and then you get to the end and it's blow-your-mind amazing. Zach's working his way through book 6 right now. I kinda talked him into starting to read them (he started with book 3, though) and at first I think he just found them amusing, but now is getting just as addicted, staying up late into the night reading.

The crib situation is still the same. I'm still unsure. Last night D woke up around 10pm and it took a good hour for him to fall back asleep and stay that way. I don't know if that was because of the open crib or the cold he seems to be fighting. He fell asleep easily for this morning's nap, but his naps kinda seem shorter than they were before... although part of that might be that I'm now counting from when I KNOW he's actually asleep, when before he might very well have spent 20+ minutes laying in his crib still awake before finally falling asleep and he just couldn't get out so I didn't know it. He does seem more tired these past few days, though again whether that's because of changes in sleep or that he's fighting a cold, I don't know.

Gotta go, little man's awake...


  1. Stick with it (the crib thing, I mean) for at least a couple more days. My pediatrician says that you have to give any changes at least 5 days or so for them to adjust. And I think you are moving him in the right direction here. I mean, the ultimate goal is to get him into a "big boy bed". So while a crib tent may solve the problems of him trying to climb out and the kitty trying to climb in, it seems like a step backward to me.

  2. HP rocks!

    Sleep situations are so hard. E is still in our bed and Pete and I were already all in the hospital bed together with jude. I would love to transition E to her own bed but i don't think it will happen for a while still.

    Keep us updated on D's progress.



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