Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Proof that TV is Evil (or, what we get for wanting cable)

Prompted by the upcoming football season, Zach talked me into going ahead and getting cable TV. He called Comcast over the weekend and talked them into getting us a decent deal on a "triple package" with internet, cable (with DVR), and a digital phone (which we've been desperately needing anyway because my T-Mobile cell phone gets reception literally about 1/3 of the time when I'm at home). We're kinda curious to see what our bill will end up at ultimately, though, as he talked to 2 different people and when he called the 2nd time (and got the deal) they didn't have a record of the first call. Huh.

So they had a guy scheduled to come out yesterday to set everything up. He was scheduled to come sometime between 3-5pm. He shows up at about 4:59 (apparently he would've been there sooner but when he tried to call my phone I didn't answer... b/c I didn't have coverage...). I was dealing with a cranky Donovan and so didn't think about it when the guy took our previous, wireless modem (which we'd bought ourselves rather than rented from Comcast) when leaving our new (non-wireless) modem. The TV worked ok, thought channel info didn't seem to be downloading, phone worked ok, and internet was there but without wireless access. When Zach comes home he calls the guy, who says he'll come by later that night to return our modem.... never does, we call again, says he'll be here first thing in the morning... we wait 2 hrs, call his supervisor, an hour later finally someone shows up. But we'll need a different splitter to use the wireless modem again, and the DVR/channel set-up never got working, so we'll need a different one of those, too.

So then the guy from last night arrived at 1pm to finish this stuff off, and now we have the internet all fine again and the phone is still working fine, but are still having trouble with the cable stuff. So now (at 3:45pm) he's outside replacing all the cable hook-up stuff to see if that makes a difference. Thankfully D is asleep and chose this afternoon to take a nice long nap (even slept through the guy needing to go through the trap door in D's bedroom to crawl under the house).

Needless to say... a bit of a headache. But the guy's been very nice and apologetic. I'm just hoping everything's done and over with by the time he leaves and we don't have to schedule further return visits.


  1. Congrats on life back to cable...I'm still resisting for the moment...but we may succumb soon as well ;0)

  2. "they didn't have a record of the first call"

    Maybe that was an omen?

  3. Wait, hold on a sec...

    ZACH is the one who FORCED you to get cable so he could worship the EVIL FOOTBALL GODS, but YOU are the one who has to deal with the hassle and headache of the guys installing and uninstalling and reinstalling everything?

    Hmm... something seems backward to me...



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