Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nev the Entertainer

The little Nev continues to be awesome. She's very entertaining, especially as she plays with the Ikea cat house (similar to this one) we bought years ago and sends it catapulting across the room just from the weight of her body jumping inside it. She also appears to think global warming is a silly myth and expressed her distaste for canvas grocery bags. I swear she already looks bigger to me. Sierra seems to havfe transformed, seeming so much more solid and thick in comparison to the new, tiny, svelte kitten (which is to say something, and Sierra while not undernourished is certainly not overweight). I actually caught the 2 of them playing this afternoon, swatting at each other in a way that I'm about 90% sure was playful and not aggressive. They tell you that cats tend to tolerate newcomers better when they're younger, it seems really they need to tell people to bring a baby into their homes and THEN the new furball, in comparison the older cat will be pleased that the new kitten doesn't scream all night long and accept it. ; )

Donovan had his last swim lesson of the summer session today. He's been doing so great, feeling so much more comfortable in the water. He's not minding the backfloat as much anymore, and I think he even managed to close his eyes once before jumping in. Now I just need to work on getting him to hold his breath, too, and not swallowing half the pool's water during the half-hour lesson. The fall session starts up in a couple weeks, I plan to take advantage of the Y's pools between now and then to keep all this stuff fresh in his mind.

Donovan took a single 30min nap today instead of his usual 2 1hr naps. Luckily we had a play date in the afternoon, which kept him in a decent mood. The silver lining is that he conked out in about 10 minutes at bedtime. I'm now resolving to sit by his bed, but not let him grab my chin, as he falls asleep. The idea is that I'll then slowly sit farther and farther away from the bed till he doesn't need either of us in the room anymore to stay in bed. I'm hoping we can acomplish this before he turns, say, 10.

Met up with a few friends this afternoon for a park-and-frozen-yogurt afternoon date. D had a good time, and it was fun to catch up with the mamas. Reminds me I have other people I want to try to schedule playdates with soon...

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  1. I read this post at work last week, and I was going to comment on it but didn't want to log out of my other Gmail account so I was going to post when I got home.

    Then I forgot.

    But I was going to say something! And it was witty and heartwarming!

    Just so you know.



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