Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Animals & Projects

This morning Donovan and I went to a nearby farm, located inside a nature preserve. It was a nice, fairly short hike in to get there, and then D was able to run around to look at the goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens, and ducks in the different pens. I think he had a good time. =)

After coming home, having lunch, a nice nap, and a bit of playtime, we then walked over to Home Depot so I could pick up some paint. A while back we bought D this set from Ikea of a kid-sized table with 2 chairs, that's made from unfinished wood. I've been trying to think of what to do for painting it and then got this idea that I'm really excited about because I think it's just super cute. And so now I kinda can't wait to try it out, but also am hesitant because I'm worried it won't end up nearly as cute as I envision it. But, gotta try, right?
I picked up a large can of The FreshAire Choice paint (a new paint that's supposed to have no VOCs and thus no nasty fumes) for the base color, and then 2 sample sizes in different colors for accents (settled for the smelly stuff since the other kind didn't come in sample sizes). I put the paint cans in the underbasket of our stroller, then once we got home I led the stroller into the patio, closed the gate, and let Donovan out so he could play while I got our stuff settled. I was getting the paint out from under the stroller when I noticed that D had picked up one of the small sample-sized cans (perfect size for his little hands) and carried it over near the front door, and placed it on the ledge by the door. He then came back and picked up the second sample can and put it right next to the first on the ledge. Then he looked at the cans, grabbed one and brought it back over to me. Then went back for the other and brought it back. And he proceeded to repeat this process, bringing them one by one to the ledge then back to me, for I swear a solid 10 full minutes. Just back and forth. over and over again. Until he was done, and then he flashed me this big grin as if he were really proud of himself about it, and then went off to play with something else.

Those are some of my favorite moments to watch. =)

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  1. I love that picture of him on the bench. His feet sticking straight out, his cup on one side, snacks on the other, and a funny little expression on his face. That's a great shot. Super cute.



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