Saturday, May 09, 2015

walk in the park

I finished a new post on, from last weekend's walk through a local garden. Zach took the boys into the city this morning so I've got some time all by myself at home, a lovely treat. So I took the opportunity to finish these photos and post them, unencumbered by interruptions by little hands pulling at my arm asking for another snack or to hear their latest story. Instead I was accompanied only by my coffee mug and my favorite music playing.

I suppose photographing flowers is cliche, but it's a cliche for a reason. Last weekend when I was feeling drained, walking through an empty garden taking pictures of flowers that couldn't move or talk back or yell at me for trying to take their picture was perfect. And in some ways making beautiful pictures of flowers almost feels like cheating-- I don't feel like I'm really creating anything myself, so much as capturing something that is already beautiful and adding a little something to it. But there is something so satisfying about capturing these pictures. There is something about the shapes and colors, the soft abstractness of the blurred-out background, the contrast between that beautiful bokeh and the sharp subject. That's really what I love most about photography, I think-- that feeling when I look at a finished photo and find it beautiful and my heart just feels happy.

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