Thursday, May 14, 2015

grace in small things #13

  • WE GOT A BUNNY. I've had cats all my life and only limited experience with dogs, rabbits are totally foreign to me so this whole experience is fun and weird and fascinating. So far our little guy has been pretty awesome, he's pretty active but also loves just sitting and getting petted. 
  • In what I assume is a reaction to the new furball in our home, Sierra has been much more attentive and sweet with me the past few days. She's even come and sat on my lap many times. I'll take it.
  • The past couple of weeks have suddenly been really busy for us. It's good sometimes, but I"m not super fond of that feeling of needing to rush around to this and that. Yesterday and today we ended up skipping out on a couple things and it was nice to just chill out at home together instead. 
  • Quinn and I spent part of that "chill out" time at home today snuggled on the couch watching The Gruffalo films. Which are really quite adorable. And it was nice to get some cuddle time with Q, as he has otherwise been a bit explosive with me lately. 
  • We're listening to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban audiobook in the car. It's pretty awesome hearing your kid get all worked up about how terrible characters like Snape and Black are, knowing what is to come. (though in fairness Snape is still pretty awful through most of the books). 

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