Sunday, May 24, 2015

grace in small things #14

  • Good books. D and I finished listening to HP & The Prisoner of Azkaban a few days ago. We've been playing it in the car, but for the last chapters I had us bring the discs inside and listen to them in bigger blocks of time because there is just SO MUCH that happens ALL AT ONCE. I hope I didn't scare him too much when I started tearing up a time or two (that moment when Harry realizes it was his own patronus that saved him from the dementors? *sob*). As soon as the book ended, D was asking about when we could start book 4. Listening to them again I am reminded of just how amazing these stories are, and it's even better sharing them with my kiddo.
  • Lil Pippin keeps amazing me, like how he doesn't seem to mind and may even like it when Q pets him, rubbing his fur backwards, and even flipping his ears. This is one chill bunny, the cats have never been that tolerant. 
  • I've been feeling particularly uninspired when it comes to food and cooking lately (erm, lots of cheese quesadillas and dinner/snacks around here lately...). So it's awesome to have a long weekend, to have Zach home and whip up things like pork loin for dinner. 
  • Quinn has been falling asleep on our bed lately, mainly because he's becoming more chatty at bedtime and he keeps Donovan up otherwise. I later go in and transfer Quinn back to his own bed, and that moment where I pick him up and he instinctively, half-asleep curls up and holds me tight, and just looks so sweet and calm and adorable? My heart melts, every time. 
  • This morning D went across the street to play at his new buddy's house-- by himself, without Q or me tagging along. He was so incredibly excited. He still misses Sachem and Ethan so much, this was like a little piece of that in a new way. 

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