Friday, April 18, 2014

grace in small things #6

  • You see those little green shoots? I just spotted them right in front of our house today. #squeewoot
  • Much of this week I have felt like total crap, with a really sore throat/ears and mild case of pink eye. This happened right as Zach ramped up to a big event at school he's been planning, so was gone all day/evening. None of this exactly fits into a gratitude entry, but the boys and I just spent our days snuggling on the couch watching TV and I feel zero guilt about all the screentime they got. And yeah, reaching that point where you can let go of the momguilt is a pretty cool thing, in my opinion.
  • Zach is now done with said school event, so yay he's around again.
  • I just discovered this series of prints, which totally made me lol.
  • On Monday Jody and I took Donovan and Ethan on a little road trip to Boston to visit the New England Aquarium, so that was pretty awesome. It's one of those things I've been talking about doing "sometime soon" for a while, so kudos to Jody for being the decisive one and making things happen. 

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