Monday, April 21, 2014

faded beauty

Recently I was digging through one of our junk drawers looking for a charge cable, and came across a random unused roll of kodak black & white film. I have no idea where it came from... it's not one I've bought anytime recently, and had I guess just been hiding among our other assorted crap all this time. The roll had no expiration date on it, but seeing as the last time either Zach or I used a 35mm film camera (before just this past couple months) must have been nearly a decade ago, it was most certainly expired by now...and clearly not exactly stored in optimal conditions. 

So, hey, I popped it in my camera and figured I'd see what turned out. It only had 24 exposures so I found myself shooting the whole roll pretty quickly, mostly of the boys playing in the playroom. It's a c-41 black&white so I was able to drop it off at the local walgreens, and voila... I've gotta say, I seriously love how these turned out. I love the fade and the grain. 

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