Saturday, April 05, 2014

grace in small things #4

  • It appears spring may have finally descended upon the upper valley. Our daytime high temps have been  consistently above freezing, the snow is slowly but surely all melting away, and the sun and warmth has drawn the locals out of our indoor hibernation... kids are outside, playing on the sidewalks and slush/mud. It makes me really happy to get back to the days of looking out the window to see friends playing outside, and simply going out to join them. 
  • I went to yoga with Jody the other night, and it turned out we were the only ones to show up this week but that made for a really nice intimate class. So that was kinda lovely. 
  • The "check engine" light that's been on in the car for a couple weeks mysteriously turned itself off this week. I'm sure that could mean any number of things, but I will choose to assume everything's cool. 
  • I'm feeling very grateful for things like texting and the ease that technology has brought to keeping in touch with far-away friends. This week my friend Sasha, from way over in California, helped me pull together accessories for my bridesmaid dress, via texted pictures (there was also much other texting and a facetime session) #yaytechnology
  • Zach and I made it out to the Diva Party at Tuck on saturday night (benefiting the Trevor Project). We had a super fun time with lots of dancing, totally worth my very sore legs in the morning. 

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