Tuesday, January 28, 2014

oh i'm just whining about winter again...

I am not dealing well with this winter weather. I realize this comes as no surprise to anyone, but yeah. We have had WAY too many days down in the single digits or even below zero. I've been trying to cheer myself up saying this level of coldness helps us acclimate, that when it "warms up" to the 20s and 30s it will feel nice in comparison...AND GOD WOULD IT BE NICE IF IT WARMED UP JUST THAT MUCH (I just now checked my weather app and it is currently 8*F outside, and "feels like" -6). And I know our winter has even been "mild" compared to what a lot of the midwest is going through right now, but egads. Still. I am tired of being cold, tired of keeping track of everyone's gloves and socks and snowboots and hats, tired of arguing with my kids over putting on their damn jackets already.  Also, I never thought I'd say this but I miss running (or at least running outside... I see people still doing it even on these ridiculously cold days, but I just can't handle it). This weather is seriously bumming me out.

And it's still just barely January...

When we talked about coming to NH for these 2 years for school we half-joked that this experience could also serve as a test for whether we would ever want to consider living someplace with cold winters long-term. I think we have our answer. (...or at least, mine)

One bonus this winter, though, is we've all been remarkably healthy so far (KNOCK ON WOOD). There are some seriously nasty bugs going around, but aside from a few colds and sniffles we've managed to stay fairly healthy. So a big YAY to that.

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  1. Anonymous5:25 PM

    It has felt like -20/-22 here in Toronto for the past few days! Over it!



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