Monday, January 27, 2014

my wild things {week 16}

D has recently discovered the world of Ninjago which means all he and Q wanna do these days is watch the show on netflix, play the game, or run around the house yelling, "NINJAGOOOOOOOOO!" This week D took all the money he's earned from his allowance + tooth fairy money and bought his first ninjago lego set. As soon as we got home he promptly sat down and spent the next half hour or so patiently, carefully, putting his earth driller set together. It was only when I sat down just now to post these pictures that I realized I didn't get any of the finished product... woops.

Related: apparently flickr changed the way they do photo embeds recently and it is not playing nicely with my computer/browser/magical computer gnomes/whatever. Which is, to say the least, a bit annoying. I've been using flickr for YEARS to share photos and host them for blogging, but every change they make is making the site less usable for me and more of a pain. Siiiighhhh Oh well. Will figure out a new system, I guess. </endrant>

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