Saturday, January 25, 2014

filling the tank

Taking my own advice, I spent a lot of today giving myself a break-- I took myself out to breakfast, I got a haircut, I sat in a coffee shop reading up for a fascinating class that, thanks to wonderful friends stepping in to babysit, I am able to sit in on one evening a week with Zach. I stopped by the library, for the first time in weeks, and brought home a nice big stack of books for the boys. Yes, that's "for them" but lately they've been less keen on reading books together because they get bored of the books we have at home, so seeing them so excited about "new"(to-them) books and wanting to sit and read all these new ones with me felt pretty darn good. I wrote out a few lists to help keep my head organized. And now, Zach is off at a Tuck party and I am about to curl up on the couch with some tea and watch a movie. Happy saturday night, everyone.

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