Monday, February 10, 2014

my wild things {17}

I'm spending my days alternately cursing winter, and honestly trying to enjoy it while it's here or at least appreciate the better/more fun parts. With the latter sentiment in mind, on Saturday we went to Occom Pond for part of the Dartmouth Winter Carnival. It was a gorgeously sunny day, not too cold (relative terms, people), and really a great way to enjoy the perks of winter. They had a bunch of cool ice sculptures along with ice slides, food, games, and the boys each got to try their hand (feet?) at ice skating. Fun times.

Yes, that is Quinn *licking* the blocks of ice.

This was a few minutes after Q took a bad tumble on a different slide. He was a crying wreck for a good 10 mins... what's the first thing he does, then? Go head-first down this other slide. Because of course.

1 comment:

  1. great pictures! beautiful set up. Guess it wasn't cold enough to seriously injure yourself licking ice, but it can happen, right? that little mind might need to know how to tell when NOT ok? It's so cool to see them enjoying the winter sports so much!



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