Friday, August 09, 2013

list blogging 8.9.13


listening to: The Postal Service. Also, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have been my running buddies lately.

reading: don't laugh but... I'm currently reading James and the Giant Peach for the first time ever. (I have also never read Charlotte's Web. Can I blame growing up in a different continent?) I also have bell hooks' Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center on my bedside table.

weather: (mostly) gorgeous, sunny, just warm enough during the day to feel like summer but cool at night. So basically, just about perfect. I'm a little weirded out by having had such a hot June and July and now a cool August, but hey I don't claim to understand New England weather at all so I'll just take it.

feeling: a little overwhelmed, if I'm honest. Right now my mom, sister, nephew, and niece are all here and I'm feeling a bit intimidated by this role of playing hostess-- figuring out things for us all to do, food and meals for three adults and four kiddoes with varying taste preferences and schedules, etc. BUT these are also all people whom I love dearly and am so glad they're here, and as I watch everyone playing together and enjoying each other's company so fully I feel a little overwhelmed with gratitude.

looking forward to: Zach getting home in THREE!! WEEKS!! (...and a couple days) We're nearing the home stretch, though I know the very end won't be easy... I have a feeling I'll be crawling out of my skin with impatience as his homecoming approaches.

making me happy:
  • cold-brewed iced coffee. I've been brewing small batches lately, makes for a nice afternoon treat.
  • this time-lapse video of photos of the earth (at the bottom of that post).
  • watching Quinn & his cousin play together-- lining up cars down the hallway, holding hands while laughing about who-knows-what, etc.
  • talking social justice and social media with my sister Criss.
  • chatting, in person/via text, with good friends who just seem to get me.

1 comment:

  1. You've OUTDONE yourself with all the accommodations, meals, snacks, conveniences and fun plans to hangout/do/see things! We are in your home because it's the best way to spend the time WITH YOU while we are here. You need do nothing more to "host" us. We want YOU to have a good time (so we can keep showing up :) !) Please let us cook, clean up, and let you know we need no further entertainment than being together!



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