Friday, August 30, 2013

california, here we come (well, in about a year)


I've already announced this elsewhere on the internet so it may or may not be news to you reading it now, but Zach's summer internship has officially paid off-- he got the job offer, and accepted. It was his top choice, and the position/company will hopefully provide a good (enough) mix of fulfilling his career aspirations and ambitions, and working for us as a family (aka allowing us to see him every once in a while).

And, it means that in about a year (or little less than, eek!) we will be packing all our stuff up and moving back to California, again. I have a LOT of different feelings about this-- excitement at going back to the SF bay area with its perfect weather and friends we've missed; relief at having the job thing settled and knowing where we'll be going next so can start planning and thinking ahead; dread at having to go through another cross-country move and figuring out the logistics of getting our stuff, our kids, and our cats back west; a deep ache in my heart knowing that we will have some very, very difficult good-byes to say come next summer (i'm trying hard not to think about that one).

But before all of that, it means that this second year of business school should be smooth sailing. One of Zach's biggest time-sucks last year was the hunt for his internship, and now that he's set for a job he'll have a lot more free time on his hands. Needless to say, I'm pretty excited about that.

Also, for those of you keeping track: Zach gets home in two days. TWO! DAYS! (well, about 2.5... assuming the travel gods smile down on us on monday, he'll be getting in around midday or so) The past week whenever we've updated our sticker calendar D has counted down how many blank days till his return and gets really excited about the day getting closer. It's almost surreal to think of having him around again, it feels like it's been so long, but we're all pretty pumped.

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