Saturday, March 09, 2013

yay sunshine

So as expected, after Tuesday's gloriousness it got cold again the rest of the week, even snowing a couple inches Thursday night... and then we had today. Sunny, warm, amazing today. It's nice to start the day by walking outside and thinking, "Wow, it's kinda too warm for this coat..."

We spent most of the day playing outside. I opened up some of our windows. Made myself an iced coffee. Broke out my toms from the closet. I love it, all of it, and so did the boys.

Sunny warm morning. #springawesomeness Welcoming spring weather by demolishing a snowman. 
Ethan & Donovan welcoming spring by destroying snowmen.

The world's chillest baby. 
Say hello to the world's most chill baby. 

Outside in shirts (and no pants, for one kid). Awesome day. So happy. 
Melting snow = PUDDLES! And thus begins Mud Play Mayhem 2013.
Puddles = irressistible Zach in spring break mode.
Zach getting in "spring break" mode.

I never used to categorize myself as someone whose mood was that affected by the weather. In truth if it's just me I'm quite happy to lounge indoors on a rainy/cold/snowy/whatever day sipping on tea or hot chocolate and just read a book or watch tv or whatever. Parenthood, of course, changed all that (as it does everything else).  I now have not one but two kids who are pretty active little dudes, and being able to go outside to play and burn off energy is much more important. Also, the option of outdoor playdates is so great because the greater space and freedom means they often last longer before devolving into chaos. So, yeah. We had a great time playing outside today and hanging out with friends. I will gladly welcome many, many more days like this one. 

Zach has one more assignment due on Monday but other than that it is spring break time, baby! You can see him above getting his lounge on. I'm greatly looking forward to two weeks of having him around for a change. 

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