Thursday, March 21, 2013

list blogging 3.21.13

Baker library clock tower.

listening to
: lots of The Lumineers, Of Monsters and Men, and Mumford & Sons. Spotify is like my new best friend.

reading: I just finished Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce. It's basically "Little Red Riding Hood meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Some of it I really liked, other parts kinda bugged me. I found it worth reading all the way to the end, so that's something. And it's been nice to devote a good chunk of time the past week or two to just reading, for fun.

feeling: happy, tired, worried, all at once. It's been a good week, a good spring break, and yet there's never as much time as you think there will be.  Q was a mess all through dinner and bedtime tonight, and times like those also make me dread the summer and wonder how I'm gonna manage solo parenting for 10 weeks. And then I think about how lonely it'll be to not have Zach around, how much I'll miss him as my husband and best friend vs just as a co-parent. Then I make myself stop thinking about it, because worry seldom results in anything more that grief.

wanting: more sunny days like today. Even if it's not that warm yet, sunshine is always nice.

needing: to finish our 2012 photobook. I'm making progress, slowly but surely... got through the month of  September the other day, so just 3 more to go. This book feels like it's been more grueling to get through that the others I've made, I think mostly because I tried out a new book template and I don't like it as much but can't bear to start over.

wondering: about making changes to this here blog. From small things like feeling bored with the template, to bigger things like the announced demise of Google Reader making me wonder about what other products Google might decide aren't worth keeping up anymore...and if Blogger might ever make that list. I've never felt I could justify paying for a self-hosted blog since I don't make money off it, but then again I pay for other services that I consider worthwhile (like flickr)... Just thoughts bouncing around in my head.

enjoying: evenings curled up on the couch watching Parenthood with Zach; watching my children get so excited over bringing home a new batch of library books; my red Sorel cozy boots that I almost returned but am glad I didn't because I kinda love them now; this photo blog collaboration; this open letter to parents of small children.


  1. I have all three of those bands on heavy rotation, along with Avett Brothers!

    1. I need to check out Avett Brothers...



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