Friday, February 08, 2013

yearning for spring, happy for snow

Starting to really come down now. #snowpocalypse #nemo

Snowpocalypse/Blizzard Nemo is snowing down on us right now.  Ok, so here it's not supposed to be very bad, so far we've gotten a couple inches but may get up to 1-2ft by tomorrow. We'll see. I didn't expect to be cheering on snow-- just the other day I was looking out the windows at the bright sunlight and longing for warmer weather to match the sunshiny goodness, and the ability to take my kids outside to play at the playground or in the field or the woods or just someplace outside without needing multiple layers of warm clothing that they boys fight tooth and nail to put on to begin with.  

But, if it's going to be winter and be so cold it might as well be snowy, right?  The ground has been mostly bare, apart from random patches of snow here and there, for a couple weeks now.  There was a good bit of snow on the ground in January when we got back from Texas, but since then we've only had small dustings and then warm enough weather to melt it away. So bring it on, snow. I will say, I'm also glad this storm is hitting on a friday/saturday, I'm hoping to get out for some picture-takin' sometime before the weekend is over.

We had a small birthday party for D last week.  It almost didn't happen because I still felt kinda burned out after planning Q's party, but then I got over myself and listened to my almost-5-year-old who was begging to have an actual party where he could invite some of his school friends, etc. So we did, and it was a hit, and I'm glad we went for it and am also glad we have no more birthdays ahead until Zach's in June.

Other that that, we're just chuggin' along... Zach is a bit more free now that he's not recruiting.  School is still demanding, but he's come home before 5pm a few days in the past week or 2 so that's pretty nice. I will enjoy having him around more for a few months before he leaves for the summer.

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