Tuesday, February 26, 2013

warming up (slowly)

It's almost March. The days are warming up (somewhat consistently in the 30's during the day now). I've even started hearing birds chirping outdoors. Could winter be near its end? Am I dooming us to another couple months of snow by asking that question? We're supposed to get more snow tomorrow, though since it's so warm (I can hear you guys in Texas and California reading this and laughing at me calling 35F "so warm") it'll be a wet, slushy snow like we got over the weekend. Maybe we'll finally make our very own snowman-- can you believe we haven't made a single one yet this winter? I know, for shame.

Q's been wanting to spend more time outside which is kinda nice, even if it is still a bit chilly. It's nice to get out of the house (and not feel like I'll freeze my face off for it). Q likes stomping on the snow, and taking walks in his push car (when it's not buried in snow). He asks me to push him along, then stop every few feet while he gets up, checks under the hood to find the same rubber duck hiding there (such a surprise, every single time) and occasionally seek a chunk of ice to put under the hood with it. And if he sees the neighbors playing outside, he'll want to go join them. He still hates putting on warm clothes-- today he wore a short-sleeve t-shirt to pick D up from school. I dunno, I guess as long as he's comfortable...? When he grows up he'll probably be that guy wearing shorts all through winter.

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  1. yes, ive learned as soon as you say the word "gee its getting warmer" you get a giant dump of snow :)



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