Sunday, February 10, 2013

nemo aftermath

So, it snowed. In total I think we got about 12in here. Saturday morning Zach took D outside to play in the snow (Q had the good sense to not want ANYTHING to do with going outside). They were right in front of the house so I ran out to take a few quick pictures, and HOLY FREEZING COLD, BATMAN that did not last long. The wind was up and it was still snowing a bit, and it was just not pleasant at all (at least for me-- D didn't seem to mind).
And it's still snowing.... #snowpocalypse #nemo Snow snow snow snow Snow ninja truck driver

Later in the afternoon, I happened to notice that the sun was out and it looked like the wind had died down, so I managed to bundle up and get outside with just enough time to snap a few pics during the last 20- or so minutes of the "golden hour." Most of them are on my "big camera" but it might be a few days before I get around to sorting and uploading those, so for now here are a few from my phone. It was really, really pretty out.

Noticed the sun was out and managed a quick walk out before it set. Untitled Footsteps Shadows
(edited with a new-to-me app called Afterglow, and Instagram)


  1. Ahh love that I can experience it through you. Sometimes I miss Vermont and then I'm like...I think im too old for this cold. How did I miss it - what did you end up doing about your camera? Love how much fun the boys are having outside. That helps make snow even more pleasant :)

    1. I ended up sending the camera to Canon to get fixed-- the shutter itself was broken, cost $200 to fix. Much cheaper than a new camera... ; ) We're still thinking of upgrading at some point in the not-too-distant future (and taking advantage of NH's no-sales-tax status) but am glad we didn't have to rush into that decision.



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