Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Post-Op Update

It's day 3 post-surgery and I guess about time for an update, huh?

Basically, everything went well and has been going well since.  My mom arrived Wednesday afternoon, which I think helped the boys feel super excited rather than at all nervous about Mommy having surgery.  To be honest I'm not sure they quite realize yet that having surgery is anything to get worried about. Yay blissful childhood ignorance.

Thursday morning Zach drove me to the hospital at the bright (er, still very much dark) hour of 6am. I tried not to feel too nervous.  As the nurses and doctors came in and explained to me what they'd be doing during the surgery (Breathing tubes! Catheters! Whee!) I couldn't help but think, "Thank god I'll be asleep through all this."

Around 7:30 they took me to the OR and within minutes of lying down on the operating bed I was out, and n ext thing I knew I was indeed in the recovery room.  The pain wasn't bad, except when I tired to actually, like, get up. Or move much.  I rested and dozed for a while, then they let us go home around 1pm.  I spent most of the afternoon sleeping and resting, but did get up to join everyone for dinner and was relieved to notice that already the pain and discomfort was getting better.  Donovan and Quinn dealt really well with everything-- they kept asking to see my "hurt", apparently not at all grossed out by the 4in gash or drainage tube in my belly.  And they were still so excited about Lala being around that they didn't mind me being pretty absent.

Each day since I've been getting better, able to do more and feel less discomfort.  I'm resting lots and moving pretty slowly still, but I can lie down and sit up (very carefully) without it hurting.  The biggest annoyance now is the drainage tube, which comes out tomorrow morning (yay!).  My mom has been amazing with the kids, allowing me to rest and nap and hole myself up in my bedroom without feeling too much guilt since I know they're in awesome hands (Zach is obviously awesome, too, but he's also been spending some time trying to study and take care of some other stuff).

I've been completely blown away this week by how lucky we are to have such great people to help us. For one thing, my mom who dropped everything to fly out to see us literally the next day.  But also the many friends who have offered all kinds of help, brought us food, lent an ear, entertained the kids... It all helps, immensely.

So tomorrow we'll see the nurses, and sometime next week we should hear back from the pathologist on what the lump actually was.  Mom flies back to Texas on Wednesday. I'm hoping I'll be in pretty good shape again by then, though Zach only has class on Thursday morning and then will be free all weekend so I'll still be able to lay low if I need to.  Till then, I'm kind of enjoying being a bit bored, being forced to just lie around and read books and watch movies.  It's been a long time since I got to be this lazy. ; )


  1. Take is easy, and keep being lazy! glad to hear you're on the mend.

  2. Glad you're doing so well. Hugs <3

  3. Glad you're doing so well. Hugs <3

  4. Just getting caught up - yikes! I'm glad everything went well and you're recovering quickly. That is really awesome about your mom being able to come on such short notice and help out. I hope the path report comes back clean so you can just go on about your life just as before!

  5. Good news. Keep resting. Take advantage of it. Let your body heal. Thinking of you. Hugs



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