Sunday, November 25, 2012

A very sucky thanksgiving

You know how I wrote a few days ago about looking forward to a great thanksgiving here in New Hampshire?  Right. About that...
Poor D threw up early Thursday morning, and didn't stop until bedtime that evening. Then he spent all of Friday and Saturday just lying on the couch or one of our beds, half awake and half asleep, feeling too worn out to even want to watch movies most of the time. It was miserable and awful and so stressful, trying to figure out how I could help him, how to make him more comfortable, if we needed to take him to the hospital, etc.

This morning when he woke up he actually got out of bed on his own and walked down the stairs and asked for breakfast, and I could have danced for joy I felt so relieved to finally see him doing better.  He's still far from 100% and he still spent a lot of time on the couch tired and resting, but today was a vast improvement.  Now we'll just wait and see and hope that none of the rest of us come down with this bug...


  1. Glad that Donovan is doing better and sorry about him being sick. We were a bit worried, but we know you're a great mom and Zach's a great dad. So we knew Donovan was in the best possible hands.


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    Wow! So cool! It sounds like things are going great. I love those little hiccups...and Felix was such an easy baby carry and he still an easy kid outside of the room. I definitely believe happy pregnancy vibes make it through to the babies. :)Great photos! I particularly like the last one with the reflection in the frozen drop!



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