Tuesday, July 10, 2012

steppin' out

For the first week that I was here in Austin I was kind of in hermit mode- I didn't reach out to many friends, choosing instead to mostly hang out with family and go to bed early in the evenings.

And then there was last week. I finally started feeling that urge to be more social-- I finally got together with Danyelle for the first time on Tuesday. Wednesday I went to my step-brother's party after all (Donovan *loved* watching the fireworks!). And then on Thursday, I met up with Danyelle and Jessica at the Broken Spoke, where we talked and two-stepped and met this guy named Matthew who was in town visiting family for the week, and is originally from Geneva, Switzerland, of all places. He was pretty fun to talk to and became our buddy for the weekend.

I can't remember if we did anything Friday, but on Saturday Danyelle and I went to a party Matthew had invited us to at his aunt and uncle's house. We didn't know anyone else there, but everyone was super nice and we had a great time. Danyelle had taken it upon herself to be Matthew's Austin tour guide so afterwards we went out to a couple bars downtown-ish. Then Sunday afternoon we met up for chicken shit bingo at Ginny's Little Longhorn Saloon (have heard so much about this, finally got to experience it) and then to a sock-hop at the Shangri-La that evening which was a BLAST.

Yesterday morning I finally took Danyelle's dance jam class at her gym (she's been bugging me to go for ages). It totally kicked my ass but was really fun. Tired from several late nights and dancing, last night we opted for a more low-key evening-- Danyelle and I went to Trudy's with her boyfriend and another friend and had some food and drinks and were home by 11pm. Fun times.

Zach's flight gets in today (WOOOOOT!!!). We have a few more exciting plans for the rest of the week, and then we fly up north. Whoa.
Chicken Shit Bingo Forgot about this one- @danyfly14 & her boy dancing in the parking lot at Ginny's yesterday. Untitled

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  1. SO MUCH FUNN!!!! I'm jealous, but I am SO pumped you got to spend those awesome times with Danyelle! Looking forward to my next visit home to do much of the same with Cheryl! And for now, continuing on with my lonesome Saturday night in Paradise. Most likely a 9pm bedtime...did I mention I turned 68 instead of 28 last week?



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