Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy Fourth

So we've been here a week and a half now, about halfway through our visit. Zach tells me all of our belongings are in the moving truck and on their way to the east coast. That feels really weird to think about. We officially no longer have a Sacramento address. Our "home" and official address now are in New Hampshire. Right now feels like this weird homeless limbo, since we don't even have the keys to our new place yet.

We're having fun here, though between the heat and the mosquitoes (I'm sure everyone who follows me in social media is sick of me complaining about them by now) are keeping us from doing too much outdoors. We've spent a lot of time hanging out with family, including my sister and her adorable ginger toddler who came down for a visit over the weekend. It was so cute to see him and Q together, and it felt like Q was missing his partner in crime when they left. We've also gone swimming a few times, and see my niece at her horseback riding lessons (her summer treat) which D thought was pretty cool. Haven't done too many "Austin-y" things yet, we've been a bit to lazy for that. But at some point I'll have to make my requisite trip to SoCo and Parts and Labour (my favorite shop), and maybe make it out dancing a time or two.

I'm now sitting in the almost-eerie stillness of a very quiet house, which is usually so filled with people and noise. But Q is sleeping and everyone else is out swimming. I'm debating our plans for the evening, my step-brother hosts a 4th of July party every year which we may go to. I'm not that big on fireworks, and even less so on the DIY kind they tend to use, but in the evening they'll go see the professional display and I'm wondering if D's old enough to enjoy seeing them without getting too freaked at the noise.

Happy fourth of July, everyone!

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