Friday, July 27, 2012

Blueberry Picking

Blueberries! Pick, weigh, and pay. 

Wanting to hit the ground running on exploring things to do in the area, and knowing that blueberries are currently in season but won't be for much longer, we headed up to a nearby pick-your-own farm last Saturday.  The drove up to this quaint little farm and found a map of the orchard of which kinds of blueberries were growing on which aisles, and some tips on how to pick them.  We each grabbed a small bucket with a rope attached (to hang around your neck like a necklace to free your hands for picking) and went at it. Quinn was on my back in the Boba, which put him at about perfect picking height.  When he realized what we were doing, he actually got MAD at me if I didn't get him within easy reach of blueberries for him to pick and eat.  Lala tried to get him to put berries in her bucket, but that was a no go-- every single one of the berries he picked went straight in his mouth.  I'll give him credit-- he had great finger control and coordination for being able to pick the blueberries he wanted off the bush without help.

Quinn saying "My turn, my turn!" Meaning, "Let me reach some blueberries, NOW!" Turns out wearing Q on my back in the @boba put him at perfect blueberry picking height. Q saying "Mah turn, mah turn!" He liked the berry picking. Tho he ate everything he picked... ; )
Donovan was the perfect blueberry picker-- he LOVED picking the berries, and exclaimed so frequently while doing so- "I love picking blueberries! Can we pick more blueberries?" But even though he loved them when he was younger, he recently decided that he now hates eating blueberries so had no interest in sampling any.
Dono, however, was the perfect picker- he LOVED picking blueberries, but had NO interest in eating them. A post-pick rest and snack.

When we were done, we just weighed our berries on the scale and put the money into the little mail slot-- there wasn't anyone monitoring the stand, it was all just on the honor system. We ended up with about 10lbs of blueberries, most of which are frozen for smoothie making later in the year (we did pay a bit extra to make up for the ones we ate).  It was a pretty cool experience. I think we missed strawberry season, but should still have time to enjoy raspberry season and, later on, corn on the cob?

Our bounty- came back with about 10lbs.

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