Tuesday, March 27, 2012

List Blogging: 3.27.12

Listening: lately I've been resurrecting old favorites (Ben Folds, BNL) and also been obsessed with this song.  At this precise moment I'm listening to Brian Hudson's Into the Black.

Eating: tonight's dinner was a delicious pork loin with rice and green beans, thanks to the wonderfully awesome Sasha and our Tuesday night dinner ritual.

Drinking: contemplating pouring myself a glass of the already-opened bottle of red wine on the kitchen counter...

Wearing: too-baggy jeans and a hand-me-down hoodie.

Feeling: tired. It's been a rough week sleep-wise. But otherwise, pretty ok.

Weather: rainy day today, which is annoying personally (I hate having to take kids out to the car in the rain, etc) but this winter's been very dry so I'm enjoying the sound of the rain tonight.

Wanting: more sleep, more free time, more time with Zach.  As usual. Oh, and for Thursday night to get here quickly so Zach and I can watch the Mad Men season 5 premier together.

Needing: maybe it's weird to say, but anything I come up with right now feels more like a "want" than a "need." Which I guess is a pretty good sign that I'm feeling better now than I was a few months ago.

Thinking: about how funny Quinn was today with his "the wrong trousers" impression; how sweet Donovan looks when he's drifting off to sleep.  

Enjoying: reading The Hunger Games. I just downloaded the ebook today.  I figure if I'm going to spend several hours in a day (and night) holding Quinn while he semi-sleeps, I might as well enjoy a good book at the same time. Thank god for smartphones.

Wondering: about our move to New Hampshire in a few months-- when we'll find a house, what classes will be like for Zach, the friends we may make, whether all the money stuff will work out, what the cats will think of snow. You know, all the important stuff.

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