Friday, March 23, 2012

Overnight getaway

One of the hardest parts about moving away this summer, will be leaving the friends we've made here.  We have some truly awesome friends, y'all.  Like Nicole & Sasha who offered to watch the boys overnight last weekend so Zach and I could have a night away just the two of us.  At first we'd planned to go out of town somewhere, but time got away from us and then the weather looked like it was gonna be crap, and so we ended up just using points to stay at the Embassy Suites in downtown Sacramento.  Which worked really nicely, actually.  And though it was not intentionally planned this way, our little escapade ended up being over St Patrick's Day which is also the anniversary of when we got engaged (yes we actually keep track of these dates, though probably only because it was on a holiday).

We escaped left the girls with the boys in the early-ish afternoon on Saturday and first went to REI to have a "shopping date" (yes, this is the sort of stuff we find romantic).  We found a pair of waterproof winter hiking boots for me for half-price, which should work nicely for snowshoeing in New Hampshire next winter.  Afterwards we checked into the hotel and settled in a bit, then went out for an honest-to-god nice sit-down dinner, with cocktails and wine and everything.  It was awesome.

Constructing a pillow fort. Please come back later. 

Despite the rain, we walked around Old Sacramento for a bit and then went back to the room to watch The Social Network (in Zach's words: "I don't know how true all of this is, but they did an amazing job telling it.").  In the morning we slept in late, had breakfast, and just walked around aimlessly a bit more before heading home again.  It was a short trip, but so very nice to get some time with just us-- especially since he's only home on weekends now, and most of that time is taken up with taking care of children and the house and, you know, life.  

Dono & Quinn did well in our absence, D got top watch several episodes of Curious George (which they discovered is on Netflix streaming).  Quinn managed to sleep well that night, though ever since he's been waking up a ton more which leads me to believe that he's trying to pay us (well, me, since Zach's been gone all those nights anyway) back for our overnight jaunt.  The little stinkpot.

Luckily, he's cute enough to make up for it.

16. Sunglasses #marchphotoaday

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