Sunday, April 01, 2012

Empowering Portraits by Jessica Brogan

You know those people who are so talented and creative, not just in one area but multiple ones, that you kinda wanna hate them except they're such a great person that you can't help but love them?  My friend Jessica is like that.  She's a brilliant photographer, writer, crafter, and is now also exploring the world of paint.

One of her latest endeavors is Empowering Portraits.  Several months ago she sent me my own painted portrait.  When I opened it I was completely blown away-- it is probably the most amazing thing anyone has ever made for me. The painting and colors alone are beautiful, but also the highlighted words and phrases and to see my best qualities through someone else's eyes... that's a pretty incredible thing.

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These Empowering Portraits are meant to be a way to celebrate those amazing women in your life. In Jessica's own words:
"I have many of these in my life: women I cherish whose “superpowers” amaze and influence me. Unfortunately, I witness that sometimes they are not aware of the amazing qualities that I see in them.... Well, no more. The time has come to own and celebrate your superpowers. To celebrate the women in your life with a gift that will help them learn to do the same, every time they smile at it."
My painting hangs above my bed.  I smile at it every time I see it, and the boys love looking at the painting, as well.  It's such a lovely reminder of someone thinking I am kind of amazing.  Part of me almost felt... arrogant? at first, displaying it, even just in my bedroom.  But I think this painting serves not only as a reminder to me that other people think I'm a pretty special person, but also as a model for my kids that I value myself, and that others do, too.  Something that I wonder if we mothers don't do/show/take pride in very often.

Interested in commissioning Jessica to make an Empowering Portrait for someone you know? Click here for more details on pricing and how to order.

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