Monday, January 02, 2012


Weeks pass and nary a word.  Sorry, little blog, you have been neglected.  I have much to write, but haven't been able to organize thoughts properly when I also have access to a decent keyboard (I loves me my iphone but am not a fan of writing blog posts on it).

This is the eve of our last day in Texas visiting family.  We've been here for about a week and a half, and it's been heavenly.  Grandparent help is nothing short of divine-- I've been able to sleep full nights uninterrupted, to lounge and read for hours at a time during the day, etc.  Amazing, truly.

I had much I wanted to do over this vacation/visit, much of it involving the looming decision about Zach attending business school.  I haven't mentioned that here at all yet, and I may not go into much more detail until we have firm plans.  But it looks like our "tradition" of moving approx every 2 years will continue for a while longer here, as we look to pack up and move somewhere for him to get his MBA, and then hopefully, finally, make ourselves a home we can cozy into and stay put in for a while.

But now I need to hit the sack, as it's getting late and tomorrow will likely be a long day as we finish packing and then fly back to California.  I'll write more soon, I promise.  For now you can click on over to flickr to see the phone pics I've been posting all week.

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  1. Another move oh no! Craziness! Uninterrupted sleep.. Oh do tell how you did that! Neglect, nah - photos prove it right. :)



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