Tuesday, January 24, 2012

stuffy ears and miserable babies

Sometimes it feels like all I ever do on this blog is complain.

I'm currently on day 6 of an ear infection, which started in my left ear and is still worse on that side, but over the weekend crossed over to my right ear as well.  I finally got to see a doctor and start taking antibiotics yesterday (Monday) morning.  I'm still waiting to notice any sort of difference.

Quinn developed a 102 fever yesterday, and maintained it all day today.  I suspect he has the same thing D had a week or two ago, which was basically a fever for several days along with feeling super tired and overall miserable.  D at least had the luxury of laying on the couch and watching TV all day when he felt this awful.  Q, however, doesn't have the attention span for that yet.  We had a few short play sessions today, but the vast majority of the day was spent either crying or comfort nursing.

Fun fun times.
It's like illness musical chairs over here- finally got antibiotics today for the ear infection I've had since Thursday, and now Q has a fever and starting to get whiney... =(
Babywearing: a sick-baby essential.
The planning has begun for our move to New Hampshire.  We're about to book our flights for Tuck's accepted students weekend in April, and I'm contacting Montessori schools for D to hopefully attend.  One of them looks really promising.  We'll hopefully tour it in April, but from the website and emails back and forth it looks like it could be a great school.  We're waiting to find out if there will be space for him in the fall.  The other "back-up" school we're looking at came recommended well but is not giving me a very good impression.  For starters, it doesn't have a website. At all.  Nothing.  I'm glad we had a contact with a valid phone number for the school because the one I found online (via a third party directory) was disconnected.  Then they said they'd send out a packet for us to browse, which ended up consisting of a single trifold pamplet but no information whatsoever on how to apply.  Um....yeah.

There is, of course, much much more than these things to do over the next six months.  We'll be moving ourselves this time, and into a place that may be smaller than our current house, so we really need to go through all of our crap belongings and try to pear down what we don't need, along with actually setting up moving details and figuring things out like how to get the kids and the cats cross country, and which furniture to keep vs toss vs sell, and trying to actually sell stuff when apparently Sacramento's Craigslist community isn't all that active, etc etc etc.  Every time I start to really think about it all I start panicking just a tiny bit.  Maybe once we're all healthy again we can budget in time to devote to the Moving To-Do List.  Here's hoping that's sometime before Easter.

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  1. Can you believe the Montessori school didn't have a 4-square menu, an App, and a new media presence? It's like they're based on 100 year old technology!



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