Tuesday, January 17, 2012

at play

Cuteness #brothers

This photo is by far my most popular one on Instagram-- it got 24 "likes" (most of my photos get under 10 "likes"). At first I was surprised at the response-- it was just a snapshot taken one afternoon.  Then again, I kinda love this photo more each time I look at it.  It captures a shift in the blossoming and ever-changing relationship of these two brothers, one where Quinn is becoming a friend and partner in play/crime rather than just a nuisance.  It also hints at Quinn's desire to always do whatever his big brother is doing.
Watching big brother at play. (heard soon after: "Nooo, kuh-WIN!"
It really is very sweet to watch them together (well, when they're happy with each other, at least).  We have our fair share of "NOOO, Kuh-WIIINNN!"s that get yelled as the toddler once again snatches at the otherwise-perfectly-lined-up row of cars Donovan had been working on.  But more and more D's also asking, "Hey Quinn, do you wanna come play in my room?" or "Quinn you use this car and let's race!"  Q doesn't quite "get" these games yet (though he gets way more than I've expected him to) but it's still pretty heartwarming to watch them play together.

I overheard Zach talking to D one day, saying, "Your Uncle Andrew is my little brother, just like Quinn is your little brother.  My little brother is one of my best friends, just like I bet you and your brother will be best friends one day."

Here's hoping.


  1. So love these pictures and this post. It is so heartwarming to see developing, from those very first moments, through now. :) !!

  2. Such a sweet photo!
    Right now I think the interactions between siblings must be the only reason to justify having two kids, I can't wait for them to start.

  3. Oh Marcy. I had a...fierce disdain...for my little brother. When he finally grew enough hair to look "cute" not "creepy" (the kid looked like Uncle Fester for...a couple years) and everyone started giving him even MORE attention for being so cute, I snuck into my parents room one night and cut it all off. I mean- I did not like having a baby brother.

    Dude is totally my bff now. Even though we generally don't admit it ; )

    those pictures are SOSWEET. Just like...you know. Most of your pictures :)



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