Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Quick Hits post (including job change details)

Short (hopefully) update since there's kind of a lot going on over here, but I'm also trying to avoid doing much at the computer since I kinda hurt my left wrist and I don't think typing is all that great for it.

First off-- D's doing pretty great at potty training. Far from independent, for very encouraging.  He starts school in less than a week, and I think with some reminders and encouragement from his teacher, and the example of the other kids, he'll be good to go pretty quickly.  YAY (universe, please don't make me eat my words).

Second-- Quinn has a third tooth! I just think that's exciting.  No clue if that's related to the recent return to hating-of-naps or general crankiness, or if there are more coming after it or what.  But, new tooth. That's cool.

Third-- and this is a biggie.  Zach gave notice at his job yesterday.  He'll finish off his 2 weeks there, and then move on to a new (if temporary) position at a start-up with several former colleagues.  There's a lot that can be said about this transition, but for the purposes of this post I'll just say that soon after starting his current job he realized it would not be a good long-term possibility.  He's starting the application process right now for business school, to start next fall, but was also looking for what other job opportunities might be out there.  So then this new job came up, offered by a former boss whom he respects highly and they only need him for 9-10 months which works out kinda perfectly with the business school thing, and so we're taking it.

The kicker-- the job is based in the SF bay area. Moving didn't seem feasable, so what we've worked out is that he'll spend 4 days a week in the bay, then come home for friday-sunday, working at home on friday.

I don't have to point out that this set-up is kind of, um, le suck.  But, it is temporary, and believe it or not overall this feels like the better of our 2 options job-wise (the position he's leaving was about to require a buttload of travel as well, up to 2 weeks at a time in Ohio.  I'd rather have a consistent gone-for-4-days predictable schedule that we can plan around/for rather than random gone-for-long-periods-of-time trips).  We do have our nanny, who'll start working the evenings Zach's gone so I'll have that help during the dinner/bedtime circus routine.  I'm a wee bit terrified apprehensive of how the nights/mornings will go when I'm completely solo, but I'm kinda hoping Q will magically start sleeping through the night at that point.  I'll let y'all know how that works out.


  1. Yay for all of you- potty-going, tooth-hatching, job-finding,nanny-utilizing, mindset-building, as you pursue a more satisfying present & future. I totally believe you're on a good path & will soon feel it. Much love, Mom

  2. Sounds like life is taking good turns for the better in all departments. Just keep saying it's temporary.. And when you think of it, 9 or so months does go quite fast.. Just look how old Quinn will be soon!

  3. Jackie1:32 PM

    It's a shame you can't all move to the SF area. Is there no way to make that happen? It seems such a shame that Zach won't see you and the boys.

  4. Jackie-- we considered moving, but it just didn't seem reasonable. For one thing, this is only for 10-1yr and then we'll move for business school anyway. Moving a family of 4 is no small feat. Also, here we already have D's school set up (I seriously doubt any preschools in the area would still have spots available in late September, let alone any school we liked half as much as the one he'll start at next week); we have a nanny here whom we love; a great set of friends who live within a few miles (we have friends in the bay, too, but would be living 30mins-1hr away from most of them). Basically, everything else is much better set up for us here.



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