Friday, August 26, 2011

From potty training to racism- who says this blog doesn't have depth?

This week I stumbled across a series of posts written by Mocha Momma, talking about racism today. As a white woman (which is who I identify as-- I am the daughter of a Chilean and spent my first 10 years living in South America, but have always been surrounded by an overwhelmingly white community and look white which is therefore how I am viewed/treated) reading these posts and comments has been fascinating and enlightening. Our society is far from being "color-blind" (to pretend otherwise is naive and even dangerous), in a way racism js ecen harder to tackle today because it takes much more subtle forms-- we no longer have sanctioned laws, but even the most open-minded of us can harbor prejudiced views and assumptions that wr may not even realize we have until we examine (or get called out for) them. This is why it is so important to have these honest conversations (for those of us who benefit from the current system to listen and put aside our instinct to get defensive) in order to continue making forward progress towards equality.

Here are the posts. I hope you will read them:

This Is Not Really About Cake

The Cuban Writes

Responses to Issues of Racism: Part I

Responses to Issues of Racism: Part II

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