Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Don't even get me started on those cheeks

I think my favorite age to photograph has got to be infancy.  It's ironic, since so far that's been my least favorite age for parenting.  But, as a photographer parent babies are just THE BEST. While pregnant with Quinn, I very much looked forward to ample opportunities to photograph my own squishy baby again.  Of course, I still love taking pictures of Donovan, but that got harder and harder as he became faster and more camera shy.  Babies can't scream "No!" and run from the camera (ok, they can still scream, but even those pictures can be cute and a priceless capture from time to time).

Similarly, I have been dying to photograph my sister's baby ever since I found out she was having one.  I have to say, the pictures of my nephew are some of my favorites out of our entire time in Texas and Lake Tahoe.  As a photographer, it's been really fun and interesting capturing a baby who looks so different from my own (eg, editing blue/green eyes vs brown, and let's not forget THAT HAIR! I kept trying to use black & white but there is no way I could grey out those gorgeous flaming-red locks).  As a doting aunt, my heart melts into a puddle every time I look at them.  Seriously, every.single.time.  

And so, of course, I will now proceed to post many pictures of my ridiculously adorable nephew. 
And my personal favorite...

PS- Yes, there will be more to follow.  This set doesn't even include the ones from Tahoe. ; )

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