Sunday, May 08, 2011

these quiet moments

This photo represents some conflicting things for me. On the one hand, as you see on my face, I felt tired, and a bit annoyed. D had woken from his nap and come in to see us. Sensing his brother's presence, Q woke up right after I took this photo. Still tired but unwilling to sleep when he can be watching D instead. This moment is one of my biggest daily challenges.

On the other hand... I love the feel of Q snuggled up against me as he nurses in his sleep.  I love the way D comes in and can't help but snuggle up to me. I love that he's so smitten with his baby brother, placing his hand delicately, protectively upon his cheek. Years from now I know it is this that I will miss, these quiet moments together in a darkened room.

Happy Mothers Day.

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