Sunday, May 29, 2011

I think my kids are tag-teaming me

I think my kids are tag-teaming me.

Quinn has started getting to be way more fun lately. He's almost 6 months, and in the past few weeks he's started rolling both ways, playing lots more, become more intricate in his babbling, etc.  He smiles at others a ton.  In the past day or 2 he's started being able to sit for short periods of time with a bit of assistance (he can hold his upper body upright if I hold his legs steady... otherwise he topples over sideways).  He's making all sorts of connections, and just getting to be a lot more fun to be around.  
Grabbing my nose while breastfeeding. Slightly painful, absolutely adorable.
This has, of course, been accompanied by what I assume must be what everyone kept warning me about age three.  Donovan has become moody, whiny, and much more needy.  I'm having to be much more careful about him when he's near Quinn, as even when he's just being sweet and trying to snuggle with him D'll be kinda rough at times.  It's like he gets these bursts of energy and doesn't really know what to do with himself, so he'll act more roughly than he means to.  Thankfully, Quinn's turning out to be pretty tough and about 99% of the time that D tries to grab/push/etc him, Q finds it funny and just laughs.  But, it still keeps me on my toes and am waiting for it to end badly one of these days.
Donovan needing some cuddles, right after waking from his nap.
At least they're not both ganging up on me at the same time...?

I hear all these mothers around me talking about how fast time is flying by, they can't believe their babies are X months old yet, can't time slow down a bit?!?  And I wonder if I'm the only one secretly cheering each monthly birthday, knowing that's one more month that we've survived and put behind us.  Which then brings up all sorts of conflicting and complicated feelings, as even as I feel justified in wanting to get past this incredibly draining and challenging period, I also hear the voices of everyone who keeps saying, "Enjoy this time! It flies by so fast! Those were the best years of my life! You'll miss all this one day!" etc.

I'm trying my best to absorb the here and now, to take in what each of my children are doing right now and record it (both mentally and via photos/videos), while also looking forward with relief at future milestones (and what will be a whole different set of challenges, but perhaps ones I feel better suited for).

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  1. You can do both: enjoy these moments and wish for the next stage. It goes back and forth, depending on how great or terrible the moment is. I KNOW you cherish these moments, with your pictures and your words, and it's ok to admit that you can't wait for a time when they aren't so dependent on you. It'll come, and your challenge is to be patient. It's my challenge too. Mine are 5 and almost 3 now, and it's easier in many way and we can do things we couldn't before. But it's also more challenging in many way too. And that's life. We say good by to old challenges and hello to new ones, but amidst all the challenges there are always moments (sometimes fleeting) of joy. Hold those tight and you will be fine.



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