Friday, May 20, 2011


Zach will be home in a few hours.

Then tomorrow morning we drive to the Bay to see friends, attend a wedding (staying overnight & returning sunday).

I'm really excited to see everyone again, though I kinda wish it were a different weekend.  I know it will be fun, but also probably totally exhausting, this following a fairly exhausting 2 weeks.  But, such is life.  Never much of a break these days... which is ok. As tough as this period is, it is also, at times, pretty awesome.

I feel like I could fall into bed and sleep for 100 years, but I still have lots more to do tonight (need to get everything just about ready for us to walk out the door tomorrow, as it'll be much more difficult in the morning when the kids are awake and underfoot, and I doubt Zach will be any more rested than I am/will be).  But, I'll leave you with a few recent photos...

Quinn is already starting to show an interest in cars, trucks, helicopters, etc. He'll play with other toys, but once he spots a car, etc, he'll drop whatever he was playing with to chomp on it, instead.

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  1. Anonymous11:05 PM

    I love the photos you take of your kids! Beautiful!



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