Wednesday, May 11, 2011

entering the world of iphoneography

So last week I got an iPhone.  I've had an iPod Touch for about a year and a half, which has been attached to my hip almost constantly since then.  I used it constantly throughout the day (some would say... obsessively?).  So it's probably no surprise that, seeing how awesome my iTouch was, I soon began lusting for an iPhone.  Last week, as soon as I was eligible for a phone upgrade from Verizon, I traded in my non-smart phone and iPod Touch for an iPhone.  And it is every bit as fabulous and wonderful as I had hoped it would be.
Starting to think cats will be the ones to miss newspapers the most.
One big benefit is consolidating my "gadgets." I was alternately carrying around my phone, my iTouch, and also sometimes Zach's work smartphone on the days he wasn't using it.  It's nice to get down to a single device that does everything I want of it.  It's also nice having the 3G connection, so I don't have to rely in wifi anymore for internet when I'm not at home.
Snail mail
But the biggest advantage, one of the things I've been most excited about, is the photography opportunities.  I feel like I got a new camera and new photo editing software all in one.  The image quality has blown me away-- for a cell phone camera, it is amazing, doing well even in low light and on close-up shots.  I'm loving the photo editing apps I've been playing with so far (Instagram, camera+, Adobe Photoshop Express...).
The best part is it feels like this is the perfect medium for me right now.  I still adore my DSLR with a passion and use it daily to take photos while at home, but I rarely lug it around with me-- it's too impractical when wrangling 2 kids, one of which is often strapped to my chest.  Also, right now I rarely have time to do much more than upload, sort, and keyword photos.  My iPhone, however, is nearly always on me, and I can take photos on the go and play with them later on (like when I'm holding Quinn as he naps).  It's a pretty convenient medium for creating something beautiful.
Blown away by how well this camera does even close-up...
I'm posting a lot of my iPhone photos on flickr and a tumblr blog.


  1. The photographic possibilities of the iPhone & its apps are my FAVORITE part of having an iPhone. When I found instagram I was immediately in love. :)
    It's brought a little art back into my everyday life.

    I love the flowers. Beautiful nursing photo too!

  2. So cool! I have a new iPhone too but have not done anything yet except snap fotos at the park to send to his papa. Must start experimenting.

    I would love to know what you use to keyword your photos. I have them organized by date, but that does not help me locate individual photos at all!

  3. awesome pics! i cant wait to get an day



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