Friday, March 18, 2011

turning point?

Quinn hit the 3-month mark a little over a week ago.  And I dare say, I think we have hit a turning point.  Sure, today was pretty horrible, what with all the screaming and spitting up and multiple wardrobe changes and everything.  BUT there's been an overall trend towards more happy periods, and that's really awesome.  Suddenly I notice that Q's locking his eyes on us (me, D, or Zach depending on who's being more interesting at the time) and just watch and follow us wherever we go.  He's also started playing with toys, actually reaching for hanging toys on his playmat and bringing them to his mouth to chomp on.  This had lead to him being able to play happily on said mat for 15-20 minutes or even more.  It's a pretty awesome difference, and really it makes perfect sense-- the world must really get much more interesting once you're actually to, you know, do stuff.
He's also started laughing.  Not that often, but when he does it is AWESOME.
He's growing like crazy still.  Today I dressed him in a 6-12 month outfit, and it actually fit kinda well.

Donovan continues being his own super-awesome self, as usual.  


  1. Yay!!! Getting older helps. :)

    I've had a few people tell me RJ's a "big" 5-month-old. Then I tell him he has a cousin who's two months younger, but about the same size... yeah.

    (We're still in 3-6 month clothes, so maybe Q has passed RJ??)

  2. 3 months is a turning point! I always feel if I can just log those first three months in we'll be fine. :) More sleep, a baby who responds more and can be entertained, it all adds up.

  3. Such cute shots!!! I love D's jeans and outfits, they always rock! I'm sure Quinn will follow too.



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