Monday, March 28, 2011

hello sunshine

Things may be starting to look up after a pretty tough week.  That last post about our weekend?  That's kinda what all of last week also felt like.  It rained almost non-stop, which sucked. The dreary weather turns my mood gloomy.  I also have a 3 year old who has lots of energy.  The few times that it did dry off and then sun peeked out, I couldn't convince D to leave the house. Ugh.  Quinn was also not in the best of moods a lot, and then he also decided the awesome sleeping we've been enjoying the past month or so? That's old hat. Apparently it's WAY more fun for him to wake up every 2 hours (or even more frequently, one particular night).  I'm telling myself it's a growth spurt or developmental milestone or something temporary that will hopefully end soon.

It is shocking how much the weather (and lack of sleep) affected my mood.

We've since had a few days of sun, and the weather forecast looks promising.  I've made a point to get outside for at least one good walk on the days that I can.  I've been taking Quinn out on the Bob stroller, which he likes ok (tends to cry for a few minutes, then either quiets down & watches everything as we walk or just falls asleep).

I'm trying to really work on my frame of mind.  It's easy to get really frustrated and depressed when I focus on all the things that feel so difficult right now (why is my baby waking up so much all of a sudden; D seems tired, too, are Quinn's wake-ups affecting him as well; will D ever potty train; I hate feeling like I'm missing out on my older child's current awesomeness bc I'm too busy dealing with my baby's neediness; etc).  I'm trying to instead take each moment as it comes, focus on the positives, and just get through this.  The days are oh so long, but I know in retrospect the months will feel like they flew by.

It's late, and I need sleep.  Photos and all the other things I prefer to do on the actual computer will have to wait for another time, I guess...


  1. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Hi. I stumbled across your blog about a month ago and have loved reading every struggle and accomplishments that you've blogged about raising your toddler, newborn and just life. You are one of the rare bloggers that doesn't only document the rainbows and sunshines of raising blog how it honestly can be with kid (s) and that is what I love about your blog. I am a mother of 4, but my oldest are 11 and 10, my other two are 2 1/2 and the baby will be 3 months next week and I tell you, it never gets easier...but when there is that "rainbow" moment in the day (like my newborn smiling at me or my toddler saying I love you Mom), those things really make all the cloudy days seem small. Looking forward to reading more...a new reader...G.Y from MN.

  2. It's Spring... and though it doesn't quite feel like it, it's starting to. And like the seasons, baby's needs will change so quickly, and "this too shall pass...". Getting outside in the sun is so important - vitamin D is a miracle "drug". Soon the warm weather will push through. In the meantime, the beauty and light of your children will suffice.

    Also, everything feels and looks better on a good nights' sleep. Hang in there...



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