Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Power of Vulnerability

Another video today.  This one is a bit longer-- 20 minutes-- but is very much worth watching.  It's a talk by Brene Brown on "The Power of Vulnerability," and was sent to me by my sister, Jenny.

This talk reminded me of why this blog has been so important to me over the years-- it has been a place where I can be more vulnerable, where I've aired my insecurities and flaws, and where they have been met not with ridicule but with acceptance and compassion.  This is something that I try to also incorporate in "real life" as well-- being open and understanding of myself as well as others.  I have to agree with Ms Brown, that this willingness to be open and vulnerable, and be understanding and compassionate of others' vulnerability, may be the key to a better community.

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