Sunday, February 06, 2011

slowing down

I feel like I have no time for blogging right now.  I rarely get a chance to sit down at the computer, and even when I do I often find myself staring at the screen trying to remember what I wanted to write about.  I have a separate blog for family updates, and I'm also finding that since life pretty much revolves around my kids and little else these days, the little blogging I am doing is aimed more at that blog. (I don't link our family blog here as I want to keep it a little more private, but if you want to read that blog send me an email and I can send you the link)

All this to say, that I may not be posting here very often for a while.  I may still update when time and motivation combine in that rare, magical way that occasionally happens.  Maybe it'll become more of a photoblog for a while.  I can't imagine this being a long-term break as blogging has become too ingrained a habit/hobby/outlet.  But just as with photography, getting back to the point of feeling inspired (and having the time/energy) to blog or photograph for fun (as opposed to documenting my kids' lives) may have to wait till Quinn's a bit older, a bit less demanding of me, and I can have more of myself back and available to devote to other interests.

So, posts may be sporadic for a while.  I'm hopeful that in a few months I'll get back to posting more regularly.  Till then, here's a couple pictures of the adorable boys who are keeping me so busy...

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